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Public Relations PR Services


Blazier Communications can help with the development and execution of your company's marketing and communications plans, including specific strategies and tactics to support your overall business, marketing, and public relations objectives.

Whether you want to launch a new product or service, grow your business or expand your reach, Blazier Communications can help your brand generate greater awareness among your customer base in markets where it matters the most.

Possessing long-standing relationships with influential North American and international journalists and editors, as well as a network of publicists and colleagues throughout the world, Blazier Communications can help you achieve your brand's media relations goals. We help your business determine the most compelling and newsworthy story angles, and effectively pitch these messages to targeted media audiences.

Industries we specialize in:

  • hotels, resorts & hospitality 
  • travel & tourism 
  • restaurants & food establishments
  • food purveyors, catering & wineries
  • spas, fitness & health clubs
  • entertainment venues, casinos
  • airlines & transportation services
  • lifestyle industries

Services we perform:

  • develop strategic communications plans involving specific tactics & timelines
  • develop key messages & story angles
  • disseminate news to targeted media audiences
  • pitch story ideas to relevant media, including traditional & online

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