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Nicola Blazier, PR Consultant

About Us

Blazier Communications is represented by independent consultant Nicola Blazier. She is a senior public relations specialist with over 20 years of expertise gained as a Media Relations Manager with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, one of the world's top luxury hospitality brands.

Nicola is highly respected in media relations, brand promotion, and consulting, with a proven track record of garnering exemplary media coverage in North American and international A-list outlets and publications. She has successfully launched over 60 Four Seasons properties worldwide.

Specialties & attributes:

  • building relationships with top-level media 
  • extensive network of influential industry contacts
  • highly-tuned media relations skills
  • solid understanding of the PR landscape
  • expert consultation, guidance & mentoring
  • a creative & strategic pitch generator
  • professional, dedicated, easy to work with

What others say...

"Working with Nicola is an absolute joy. She is professional, prompt, and she always delivers on even the most tedious or difficult of requests. Plus, Nicola makes a point of treating every editor like he or she is the only one in the world asking for help, which results in a very personal relationship that definitely goes both ways."

Heidi Mitchell, Features & Travel Editor           
Town & Country           

"After working with Nicola on countless stories over the years, I can honestly say that no one is more consistent, reliable, and accessible (and friendly) than she is. It is always a pleasure to hear from Nicola."

Bruce Wallin, Editorial Director           
Robb Report Magazine           

"During my many years as an editor at Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, and now Epicurious, I have had frequent occasion to work with Nicola Blazier in her high-profile capacity at the Four Seasons’ corporate headquarters. I’ve always been so impressed by her facility with the macro and micro events facing her sprawling company, her knowledge of the hotel, travel, food, and publishing industries, and her incredible work ethic and bubbly personality. If I had my own company, she would be one of the first I would hire."

Tanya Wenman Steel, Editor-in-Chief        

Looking for a PR consultant whom you can trust and will enjoy working with? Contact Nicola today!

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